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StockFluence.com provides since 2012 financial sentiment analysis for investors to discover, react and respond to market opinions. We monitor (social) media channels and analyze the overall sentiment with our algorithms. Based on the sentiment, we make predictions with an accuracy level of 70%.











Our story

If you believe in something, work nights and weekend, it won’t feel like work.

Kevin Rose

We started our adventure by our passion for data analysis and predictions. Based on academic research we tried to predict stockvalues based on our sentiment analyses. The results were quite impressive from the start, which encourages us to continue our activities. We decided to develop a complete and personal financial sentiment platform for stock traders.
Almost a year later we are able to predict stock values with an accuracy of 70%.

Our vision

The most valuable commodity I know of is information.

Gordon Gekko

We strongly believe in our product, but that’s not all: we love it! Our product represents our passion for data-research and the relation with our users. That’s why we invest a lot of time in making our product user-friendly and most of all: usefull!
We believe that, by working with our users, we can offer a great and unique product that is nowadays a must have for all modern stock traders.


Bas Nieland
CEO & Co-founder
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Ali Alijev
CCO & Co-founder
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