You would like to use StockFluence on multiple work stations, process our data streams, or provide selected StockFluence data to your customers? We gladly inform you about our API for banks, financial service providers, brokers, online portals, and content providers.
We offer multiple API’s, including the (Extended) Fund API for sentiment analyses of a specific fund and the Prediction API for price developments based on our sentiment analyses.

For custom-made API solutions or fixed price agreements, please contact us.

You need an AUTH-key in order to use our API. Get your AUTH-key.

Fund API

Returns a list of winning, losing or trending stocks.

How to use our Funds API.

Fund API

Returns the sentiment analyse and predictions of a specific fund.

How to use our Fund API.

Historical API

Returns all historical data of a specific fund.

How to use our Historical API.

Usage fees

All API’s: $0.05 per API-call

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